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Pure Sports Recovery is the Leader in Neuroscience Recovery and Brain Optimization for Professional and NCAA athletes.


Pure Sports Recovery California is the first Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited sports treatment program of its kind providing a comprehensive, medically integrated, advanced neuroscience, evidence-based program for sports brain injury, depression, anxiety, addiction and chronic pain. We offer an integrative, holistic, personalized wellness approach that is focused on brain health and healing.

Pure Sports Recovery also specializes in state-of-the-art Brain Training programs for Peak Performance for current players and athletes that are injured, between seasons or transitioning out of sports.

Our sophisticated advanced neuroscience and holistic treatment programs improves brain function, attention, memory, mood swings, learning, sleep, reaction time and overall health and wellness.

The intensive brain heath program is designed to address the entire individual’s health needs and provide world-class medical, holistic, nutritional and psychological care with sophisticated sports Brain Assessments and Treatment Protocols.

Pure Sports Recovery programs include: Neurofeedback, Brain Training , Psychological Counseling, Nutritional Restoration, Continued Fitness Training, Life Coaching, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual support and more.

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