The Pure Recovery California program is a revolution comprehensive treatment program, recognizing chemical dependency as a complex disease that has biological, psychological, and spiritual origins. The Pure Recovery California treatment program’s major focus is treating the authentic cause of addiction and injury. Our treatment program applies Personalized Medicine to optimize bio-psycho-spiritual therapies based on each client’s genetic, molecular and cellular analysis. At Pure Recovery California we understand each client’s unique predictive DNA and how it affects trauma and addictive-compulsive behaviors.

The Pure Recovery California comprehensive treatment program incorporates daily Meditation, Yoga and Conscious Awareness Thought Discipline Training for impulse control. With a complete organic, low glycemic diet, clients quickly achieve a well-balanced mood and a heightened sense of wellbeing. The multi-level DNA biological markers and neurological components of our treatment program are designed to identify, normalize and restore biochemical imbalances of the brain that were created by addiction and injury.

Comprehensive Treatment Programs For:


At Pure Recovery California our Advanced Neuroscience Personalized Residential Treatment Programs, are designed to give you all the tools you need for a successful future. Each day is personalized to meet your individual medical, emotional, spiritual and neurological requirements. The day begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 11 p.m. All modalities are integrated into specially designed comprehensive programs. By training the brain to self regulate back to peak performance, clients reach a new level of focus, attention, strategic thinking while reducing impulsivity and cravings. Feeling better, being better allows you to identify and handle the triggers of life with nutritional, physical, spiritual, behavioral and psychological principles.


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We know that every 15 minutes not spent actively participating in recovery-related activities takes the person whose goal is achieving sobriety “down the hill” –or back to their disease. That is why PRCA Treatment Program offers intensive rehabilitation. During the residential program the participant reaches sobriety by attaining skills that allow him or her to live a full and joyful life without drugs, alcohol or prescription pills.

90 Days is considered the current “Gold Standard” for Alcohol and Chemical Dependency Treatment. This may seem like a very long time to allot to addiction treatment, but outcome study research by the National Institute for Drug Abuse, a division of the National Institute of Health, has concluded that participation for less than 90 days is of limited or no effectiveness, whereas more than 70% of patients completing a 90 days program remain sober long term.

Here is what a day looks like in PRCA’s residential program:
Our clients wake up and attend a short daily inspirational affirmation meeting where they set the goals for the day. After taking their bio supplements, our clients participate in meditation then go to the beach for morning Yoga followed by breakfast. All food in the clinic is organic and gluten free and is based on individual nutritional needs. The dietary program supports brain chemistry and have a positive stimulatory effect on our clients’ well being.

After breakfast there is individual or group therapy, and a variety of recovery workshops and educational lectures including: Comprehensive assessments and stabilization, Individual and group therapy, Trauma Therapy including: CBT, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing, and art therapy, Cognitive training, Neurofeedback, brain mapping, Equine Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Yoga, Ocean Therapy, Therapeutic Music Therapy, Pyscho Drama, Life Coaching and Relapse Prevention.

In the afternoon our clients attend personal training at our work out facility and then regroup for process group and education then dinner. In the evenings we attend AA meetings and relax with video or feature film presentations.

The day ends with inspirational self-support meeting and evening meditation.

Our expert staff provides individual attention and support in helping our clients obtain essential knowledge and understanding about the debilitating process of addiction, and what is required for successful recovery from the disease.

Physical fitness eases withdrawal symptoms, increases the release of endorphins, releases anxiety and tension, and builds strength and resilience of both the body and the mind.

Aids in the detoxification process as muscles release toxins during massage, eases stress and tension, and encourages sleep. Positive physical touch can also be therapeutic for those who have gone through physical or emotional trauma.

The calm state of focused attention induced through hypnosis leaves the mind open and receptive to ideas and taking actions that are compatible with the client’s goals.

Spinal alignment produced through the use of chiropractic care releases the “feel good” chemicals in a person’s brain to give them an overall sense of well-being. It relieves pain and stiffness from withdrawals or injuries without the side effects and dangers to a person in recovery that pain killers present.

Clients will benefit both physically and emotionally as they start to connect with their bodies and learn to be still and listen to their inner thoughts and feelings.

Acupuncture is a widely used alternative therapy for addiction and behavioral health treatment. It is an effective adjunct to treatment for alcohol and cocaine disorders, and it also has played an important role in opioid treatment (i.e., methadone maintenance) The practice of acupuncture provides a stable, comfortable, and consistent environment for clients and enhances the treatment process.