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Pain Management Pure Recovery Treatment Model

The Pure Recovery California (PRCA) System™ for pain management has a multidisciplinary approach for treating pain. First patients are evaluated to find the root cause of their chronic pain with a leading Pain Management team. Then PRCA offers assessments for stem cell treatment, non-opioid drugs, psychological therapies, as well as physical and occupational therapy all in a supportive, nonjudgmental environment. Our psycho-educational support helps clients learn, understand, and apply skills to better manage pain, addiction, and emotional issues. THE PRCA SYSTEM™  provides pharmacogenomics to understand client’s predilection to addiction to opiates and individual pain perception. By understanding a client’s DNA drug metabolism, the right drugs can be prescribed so that pain can be controlled without addictive side effects.


Key Reads:

Pain Management: Efficacy of multidisciplinary pain treatment centers: a meta-analytic review


Sixty-five studies that evaluated the efficacy of multidisciplinary treatments for chronic back pain were included in a meta-analysis. Within- and between-group effect sizes revealed that multidisciplinary treatments for chronic pain are superior to no treatment, waiting list, as well as single-discipline treatments such as medical treatment or physical therapy. Moreover, the effects appeared to be stable over time. The beneficial effects of multidisciplinary treatment were not limited to improvements in pain, mood and interference but also extended to behavioral variables such as return to work or use of the health care system. These results tend to support the efficacy of multidisciplinary pain treatment; however, these results must be interpreted cautiously as the quality of the study designs and study descriptions is marginal. Suggestions for improvement in research designs as well as appropriate reports of research completed are provided.
This research was supported by Grants No. Fl 156/1 and Fl 156/2 by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft to the first author.
Correspondense to: Dr. Herta Flor, Department of Clinical and Physiological Psychology, University of Tübingen, Gartenstrasse 29, W-7400 Tübingen, Germany.
Pain Management
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