N.Y. Giants, Bart Oates

NFL Alumni President, Former NFL Player for the NY Giants and San Francisco 49ers Bart Oates talks about the Pure Sports Recovery program and why it is working for NFL players.

NFL Player and Neurological Radiologist

Former NFL Player reviews his brain scans at Pure Sports Recovery with a Neuroglical Radiologist .

Brain Masters Technology , Bill Mrklas

Bill Mrklas of Brain Masters Technology talks about their cutting edge technology that can image the brain in real time

Detroit Lions , Paul Pratt

Former NFL Player for the Detroit Lions Paul Pratt talks about the his hard hits.

Detroit Lions , Paul Pratt

Former NFL player for the Detroit Lions talks about making the challenges of making the transition from football.

Former NFL Player , Post Career Concussion Recovery

A former NFL player shares his experience about post career recovery from concussion related symptoms at Pure Sports Recovery.