Pure Recovery California located in Southern California on the beautiful California Coast, is one of the first Detox treatment programs in the US to embrace Synaptamine™ from LaVita RDS as part of a Detox Protocol to provide an alternative to Suboxone treatment. PRCA has detoxed 85% of clients using this natural dopamine agonist. “We were prepared to offer Suboxone if a client needed it, but we had outstanding results with gently parachuting clients off opiates and heroin without terrible withdrawal by using Synaptamine, an all natural product that has been researched for 11 years.

“We’ve been thrilled with the results thus far because we all recognize that Suboxone is fueling a new epidemic of diversion, overdose, addiction and death in the United States.”

Suboxone also known as buprenorphine, has several formulations. A menthol flavored tablet – that is designed to mask the bitter taste of buprenorphine. Other formulations of the drug include a film strip that dissolves under the tongue and a buprenorphine skin patch. One company is even developing a buprenorphine implant to be inserted under the skin.

“it’s crazy” said a prominently known physician from ASAM (American Society of Addiction Medicine), “Buprenorphine is one of the most abused pharmaceuticals in the world.”

“They took an abused drug and said let’s use it to treat addiction to heroin and opiates.”

Buprenorphine is a powerful narcotic, and a potentially addicting painkiller that was first approved as a treatment for opioid addiction in 2002. When combined with naloxone to make Suboxone, the two drugs can be used to help wean addicts off opioids such as heroin, Vicodin, OxyContin, and hydrocodone.

Naloxone blocks opioid receptors in the brain and will trigger sudden withdrawal symptoms when injected. It is added as a deterrent to prevent addicts from injecting Suboxone. When taken as a pill, naloxone is not absorbed into the body.

Over three million Americans with opioid dependence have been treated with Suboxone. Although praised by addiction experts as a tool to wean addicts off opioids, some are fearful the drug is overprescribed and misused.

The problem with Suboxone, is that many addicts have learned they can use the medication, not to treat their addiction, but to maintain it. Suboxone won’t get them “high” but it will help them smooth out withdrawal symptoms between highs.

“For a drug addict, the most uncomfortable, painful problem of their addiction is withdrawal and today thanks to the groundbreaking study of addictive behaviors and genetic connections by Dr Kenneth Blum, he and his partner discovered the human gene linked to addictive activities. Dr. Blum’s vast wealth of research and his deep desire to help others, led him to the creation of a nutraceutical Dopamine agonist formula that is now protected by two US patents and one EU patent.

Dr Blum discovered that many people are lacking in healthy Dopamine levels which may contribute to feelings of depression, low energy and a desire to augment dopamine through risk taking behavior. Synaptamine™ from LaVita RDS is a licensed formula delivered through revolutionary Nano sizing technology. “This allows the body to absorb our nutrients with immediacy and power,” said Dr. Blum.

The “Reward Deficiency Syndrome” (RDS) an umbrella term for a predisposition to obsessive, compulsive and impulsive behaviors that are associated with genetic differences that can lead to addiction, and paves the way to defining addiction as a brain disorder involving impairments in so called “Reward Circuitry.” This definition of addiction has now been adopted by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and DMS-5, and is a realization that paved the way for changes and advancements in treatment options.

Synaptamine™ is a patented KB220Z Nutrigenomic Neuroadaptogen (US Patents 6,132,724, 6,955,873, and EU Patent EPO979092) and provides the only known evidence-based natural and effective dopamine agonist, supported by 27 studies (to date) that nutritionally support optimal dopamine sensitivity and function.

Synaptamine™ balances the neurochemistry in the Synaptamine cascade, culminating with dopamine.

“It’s a perfect formula that can help stop the craving of drug addiction. Given that about 30% of us are born with genetically induced Low Dopamine brain function how can we overcome this survival variant of human nature and prevent excessive craving behavior?… Mark Gold, chairmen of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Florida, College of Medicine in Gainesville, accurately stated, “In spite of all the effort and progress made by the addiction community, as a whole it has failed to both comprehend and willingly incorporate well established, evidence-based medical modalities into treatment, especially as it relates to relapse prevention.”

To date, the bottleneck is that typical pharmaceutical agents that have activation qualities are too powerful and have profound contraindications and side-effects. The good news is that the Dopaminergic system can be safely & effectively stimulated with a patented natural, non-addictive Dopamine Agonist known as Synaptamine (KB220Z). Neuroimaging tools such as (qEEG, fMRI and PET) have been used to demonstrate the impact and effectiveness of Synaptamine as a safe activator of brain reward Dopamine… (See La Vita Studies)

Ultimately, it should have benefits in the form of craving reduction, prevention of relapse, and quite possibly prevention of all RDS behaviors, especially in adolescents

Pure Recovery California is excited to be part of a pilot detoxification study using Dr Kenneth Blum’s product and protocol and the real possibility of getting people off drugs so that they can lead healthier and happy lives.


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